4Smarthomes, is part of the 4Portals Group of companies and was founded to serve the need for one company to supply, install and support all of the elements of what makes up a Smarthome today.

This need was first identified, when the owner of a luxury home in Simbithi Estate, decided to initially trial and then commercially use the Build Cam, which allowed him to remotely monitor his entire build process, from him his in Johannesburg and also when on business trips to Europe and the US.

The Build Cam, completely changed his entire build experience, whereby the owner logged in every single day and was able to feel directly connected to the construction of his home.

Towards the end of the building process, he received multiple quotes, from multiple disparate vendors for various elements of his Smart Home requirements. These included solar panels and geysers, alarm systems, audio and TV, Wifi and airconditioining, amongst others.

He reached out to 4Portals to ask if it were not possible to assist him with his requirements, as he was concerned about dealing with so many different vendors and the fact that much of what he required, also needed to be interconnected.

The idea and need for a company like 4Smarthomes was born and fortunately for the owner, we were able to supply him much of what was needed, as a single solution, which was supplied, installed and supported by one company.

Sadly, we did need to ‘chase some of walls, as there was inadequate ducting for the cabling requirements, hence us advocating that the entire Smarthome requirement, is carefully considered during the planning and design phase of the home, so as to negate the need to have to retroactively make changes to the house, once everything is near completion.