Summary of our solutions and offerings


We assist with design at plans stage

We assist the owner, builder and architect with a complete Smart Home design at plan stages . It is imperative that all Smart Home requirements are considered before construction starts, preferably at the planning and design phase, to allow for utility closet(s), cabling and other requirements that may need to be included in the construction phase. This mitigates the need to ‘chase walls’ to allow for additional ducting or cabling, which typically happens, if this is not properly catered for during the design phase of the home.


We assist you with from the beginning when planning your new home

A ONE STOP SHOP, for all your Smart Home requirements . We assist you from initial connectivity design through to your complete Smart Home installation . We supply all products and integrate the complete solution and offer optional ongoing support, should you require this. You only ever need to deal with one company from start to finish.


Build Cams, real-time IP camera feed to your build site, which allows all parties, including the architect, builder, owner to monitor your build projects remotely. Join virtual site meetings from any location and allow sub-contractors to also join meetings remotely, thereby reducing or negating travel to site . These IP Cams can be used for any other build projects, such as Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Road Construction, amongst others.


We assist with all your Solar and Green Energy requirements

For all things solar. Solar powered Build Cam. Solar roof tiles. Solar Geysers. Smart Walls, storing all your solar energy. Smart Energy Managements and Carbon Footprint

4 IoT

We assist you with telematics and machine to machine inter working solutions

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution. For all your Internet of Things requirements. Manage different manufacturer devices from a single platform. Create your own Applications from Sensor (Things that measure), Actuators (Things that do) with Logic (Things that control). In the Cloud and Offline


We assist you with all your home IT and connectivity requirements

For all your home connectivity requirements. We design all your connectivity requirements, before your start construction. We provide all your cabling and fibre requirements. Service Level Support Agreements – have your 4IT Professional on Call for remote and on site support


We assist you with all your theater and TV requirements

For all home Theatre and Visual requirements. We supply all the elements, from TV’s to projectors, as one integrated solution. We supply conferencing and virtual boardroom solutions as well as Virtual Whiteboard and Instant Messaging solutions


We assist you with all your Audio requirements

For all your home audio requirements. From basic audio systems to state of the art audio systems, fully interconnected to your entire smart home solution

4Smart Meters

We assist you with all your smart metering requirements

For all your Smart Meter requirement, to control and efficiently manage all your devices from your phone or PC. These can be directly connected to multiple municipalities and utility companies for pre-payment, with the concept of One wallet for multiple Services, including; Security, Airtime, Data, Water and Electricity


We assist you with all your security requirements

For all your home security and related requirements. We supply a range of home alarm systems. We install and integrate this seamlessly into your other Smart Home elements. Enhanced service through our Partner companies for Video Analytics and Access control with Stored Digital ID Biometrics signatures